The Provente Metodology
Helping good companies to become even better!
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Provente helps good companies to become even better!

Increased sales

Does your business need to increase sales and help with sales methods and sales training?

Improved purchases

Do you need to improve purchases with modern purchasing tools and purchasing training?

Increase prices

Does your sales team have difficulty raising prices?

Motivational speaker

Are you looking for an inspiration speaker for a sales or purchasing conference?


Customized training for lasting results.

For Sellers

Does your company need to increase its sales and get help with sales techniques and sales tools, as well as increase the capabilities of your sales force?

For the management team

Understanding of how you as a leader and management team can work to increase both company volumes and prices and how you as a leader and management team can facilitate for better purchasing.

For Purchasers

Modern purchasing tools that are simple and pragmatic. The tools and processes work really well on both small and large units. They work from Kilimanjaro to Kathmandu.

Provente method

A merger between purchasing and sales.

  • Current state

    Where are we now? How are we positioned against our customers, how have our suppliers succeeded in positioning themselves against us?

  • Dream scenario

    Where do we want to be? Where is the dream position for us towards our customers and how do we position ourselves best with our suppliers?

  • In the short term

    We start with analyzing the current situation. Based on this, we focus on the dream scenario and build up competence, strategy and activities.

  • Long term

    When the first positive results begin to come in, we stretch the bow and continue to lift the employees, improving the processes and tools.

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